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Dating Tips: 8 Dating Tips that will help you Succeed in your relationship

1、 Pay attention to facial expressions

One of the tips for guys and girls is to pay attention to your facial expressions. You can get excited, but you shouldn’t get carried away. When you meet someone good, you hit it off and have a great conversation, be sure to keep an eye on your face during the conversation and not get carried away by speculation. A man who dances around makes him think you’re flirtatious.

2、pay attention to the content of the conversation

The content of the conversation should not be too serious, do not have no words. Don’t be too formal and serious, don’t just ask each other’s family, work situation. If you don’t have words, don’t try to find them. You can talk about the new movie, where’s the great new restaurant, etc. If you can’t, give your partner the lead.

3、pay attention to the proportion of the conversation

Try to balance the time of the conversation. Don’t be the one who talks all the time, and don’t be the one who just says “um.” A good conversation should be a back-and-forth, back and forth, which is a good indication of your dating skills.

4、the speed of conversation should not be too fast

Since it is the first date and you are not familiar with each other, try not to speak too fast and try to make the other person hear you clearly. Speaking at a reasonable pace will also increase your grace. It’s also basic conversation etiquette not to interrupt.

5、Show yourself appropriately

Girls hate self-righteous men. The important thing about dating tips for both men and women is that they don’t endlessly show off their glorious deeds. The other person will feel that you are demonstrating and will be offended by your superficiality. Show yourself appropriately and let the other person know as much about you as you can.

6、Say something embarrassing about yourself

Humorous conversation can reduce your tension level and change the mood of the conversation. Tell me something embarrassing about yourself.

7、 Talk with confidence

Good confidence is also a necessary element in your conversation. Don’t just agree with each other, this will let the other person think you are a nymphomaniac male.

8、Choose a comfortable place

On a first date, a guy should choose the location. So this requires making yourself comfortable, choosing places that you are familiar with, or activities with girls that you are good at. If you’ve never rollerbladed before, it’s not a good idea to go rollerblading on a first date. Familiar places can make yourself more relaxed, able to deal with all kinds of unexpected situations more easily, and for all kinds of arrangements after the date, can be familiar with the road, so, be sure to go to their own familiar places.

In short, try not to do anything wrong on a first date, but try not to do anything wrong, especially if you don’t show your bad habits, then you’ll have no chance at all. It’s important to know how to date a guy and a girl especially if you’re dating a girl for the first time!

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