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What is love, the answer is here

Some people always think that love is very simple .

The so-called love is when you see a person and feel like it in your heart, that is love.

It’s like, it’s just a feeling, and I’m not stupid, so of course I can feel it.

It sounds like there is nothing wrong with defining love in this way, but when many people see love so simple, they keep stumbling in love, and their lives are not very good.

Either they never had the love they wanted at all, or even if they were together, it was just a quick breakup.

After finally getting into the marriage, it was just a very troublesome life, and I never felt a piece of happiness from it.

After all, love is not only a feeling, but also an ability and a responsibility.

In the beginning, they were attracted to each other.

In any case, love is not a matter of one person, but a matter of two people.

Between men and women, as long as they are willing to each other, even if there is no love, they can still walk together, fall in love together, or even enter into marriage together, and spend the rest of their lives together.

Such years can indeed continue forever, but such a life will eventually lack something.

Love, it should be in each other’s body, each other feels something different, in the vast sea of ​​people, other people are just floating clouds, only the other party is a very different existence.

They will

I don’t know where the love comes from, but as long as I am with each other, I will feel very comfortable in my heart. I hope that we can be together at this moment, and we also hope that we can have a good future for each other.

Before meeting the other party, I only had some relatively illusory imaginations about love in my heart. After meeting the other party, my liking has taken on a very real look.

In the passing years, each other is like no one else, the two hearts are gradually getting closer, and the closer they are, they always want to stay with each other and do something together, even if they don’t do anything, they are often reluctant to have any separation.

Keep running in and becoming the right person.

For love, everyone hopes that the love for each other can always be just as it was before.

It’s a pity that no matter how much they love each other, it’s impossible to maintain the state of each other so well. It will only gradually fade away, and many contradictions and problems will gradually appear.

Of course, even so, that doesn’t mean that love doesn’t exist, and each other should choose to give up.

When love fades, it is not only that love has disappeared, but it is just the beginning of love. Every couple will have such a process, which is also a necessary stage of love.

At this stage, you will doubt, hesitate, want to back down, and want to start over, but in the end, you will become a little bit more determined, convinced that what you want is the other party, and start to make some changes in each other’s behavior .

Instead of always being self-centered and feeling that you are right, you gradually learn to listen to and tolerate each other.

In the quarrels and disagreements, we gradually find a balance and become the people the other wants.

When two people are together, this is actually the case in many cases. Only when they can stand the mediocrity, know how to gradually adapt to the difficulties, make some adjustments, and learn to adapt to each other, this relationship can be regarded as true love, and it is possible to last forever go down.

Be loyal to each other and take care of the future together.

Love will not only fade, but even disappear without a trace. One day, in the eyes of each other, the other party is no longer a shining existence, but looks very ordinary, even more mediocre than all the opposite sexes.

At this time, love will really become different, but it is precisely because we have seen each other’s original appearance and understood each other’s unbearable, that we can better become a whole and a family. people.

Even if there is always someone better, even if you are attracted to others occasionally, you are always loyal to your choice, maintain a single-mindedness to the people around you, and give the other party the minimum loyalty.

Not half-hearted , nor really have other thoughts, just take responsibility for your own choices.

Make money together to make the family’s economic conditions better and better, handle family affairs together, so that each other can live a happier life, take care of the elders and children together, and give them care and love.

If there are good things, share them with each other, and if there are any storms, we will bear them together.

There is me in you, and you in me. I voluntarily connect my destiny with the other party, no matter what happens, I don’t complain.

At any time, each other is consistent with the outside world, each other is the most solid backing for each other, and will give each other the best support, so that each other will never feel so lonely in this huge world, and will always have a sense of security in their hearts .

In life, there is too much love, if the feeling is right, we will start each other, if the feeling is gone, we will break up with each other.

It seems that it is the feeling of being loyal to the heart, but in fact it is just a narcissism.

I just pay attention to my own feelings, I just want the joy of the moment, I always want to change, and I don’t know how to carry on the love.

In love, it is too much, no matter how much you experience, it will be difficult to get something after all.

We have to follow our own heart, but we must also keep learning, learn how to love, learn how to manage, and learn how to make our relationship what we want.

No one is born destined to belong to someone, no one is born ready for us.

The so-called suitability, many times, it is really not when they meet, they are very suitable for each other, but after they meet, they are constantly getting better, and they continue to be just right in the eyes of the other party.

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