Dating Teaching

Three steps to improving your success rate

1、Start with Friends

Many couples are converted by the relationship of friends. After all, only the relationship of friends can make two people more close. It is impossible to fall in love when you know each other, but always know each other through acquaintance, and finally fall in love. To increase the success rate of love routine, these three steps to complete the single.

2、Pay more attention to

Make friends for a long time, it is not easy to develop into lovers, so we must pay more attention to girls, let girls see your heart and your warmth, you can send small gifts to girls, after all, girls like romance, let girls understand your heart and mind, but do not show too obvious, after all, if the girls have not begun to like you, It’s likely to repel and dislike you.

3、exploration stage

If the girl’s attitude is still the same as usual, it means that the girl also has a little favor to you, willing to accept your pursuit, in this case, you can be more bold to do some behavior, to test the girl’s attitude, to see how the girl’s mind is. This way you will be able to determine your next steps, which will help you in your quest.


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