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What to do if the time of sex is too short? Four ways to delay the time of sex life

A harmonious sex life is not only beneficial to your own health, but also conducive to maintaining the relationship between husband and wife. But for some men, they may encounter various male problems, so there will be a situation where the sex time is too short, which will have some impact on the mental health of men. It is recommended that you take some effective ways in time. improve. So what should I do if the sex time is too short? Today I will introduce to you four ways to delay the time of sex life.

First, relax your nerves. If a male friend wants to delay ejaculation during sexual life, he must not only eliminate the tension of the penis, but also need to eliminate the tension in other parts of the body. In the process of sex, you must keep your whole body in a relaxed state, so that you can slow down the time for orgasm.

Second, take a deep breath. No matter when taking a deep breath is an effective way to eliminate tension, but some male friends always restrain themselves consciously during sex. When you feel like you are about to ejaculate, you can learn to take deep breaths, which can help you control your emotions and delay ejaculation. When taking a deep breath, both exhalation and inhalation must be exerted to the maximum limit, that is to say, when you inhale until you can no longer inhale, and when you exhale until you can no longer breathe, you have reached the maximum limit.

Third, avoid psychological pressure. If you keep thinking about the orgasm during sex, the orgasm will come soon. Therefore, you can divert your attention during sex, which will help delay the arrival of orgasm, thereby prolonging the time of sex.

Fourth, adjust the body position. Choosing the right body position can also prolong the ejaculation time. The best way is to adopt the posture of women on top of men, which can relax the muscles of men and reduce the stimulation of sexual organs.

During the sexual life of both husband and wife, if the sexual life time is often too short, it will increase the psychological pressure on the man, and even affect the relationship between the husband and wife. Therefore, when encountering such problems, everyone must combine their own conditions Make timely adjustments and improvements. In the process of sex, everyone must learn to relax and take deep breaths. If necessary, you can also delay ejaculation by adjusting your body position.

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