Dating Teaching

The speaking skills of dating men and women

1. Don’t say cheesy things right away. Couples who are in love often say cheesy things to each other. Although many of the words are sincere, it is actually a taboo question for some couples who just met. Couples who have just met for a while should not say to each other how much I love you and how much I love you. Although these love words sound very beautiful, they will make each other feel that you have some frivolity and are absolutely taboo topics.

2. Take your relationship slowly. Girls want to find a steady, stable boyfriend who can be trusted for life. Boys should know step by step, affection is a little bit of cultivation, slowly development, there are many days. Don’t be too eager to develop the next step, and don’t be too eager to say something premature in a conversation. In particular, guys don’t “rush” too much. Some girls are shy. Guys can wait until they’re more intimate before bringing up the topic of kissing or even more. And girls should remember to be more reserved, do not show the appearance of hate marriage, do not let others look down on their own.

3. Don’t talk about sensitive topics during the chat. Even if we are too close, we just know each other, and we still don’t know what each other’s taboo is. Therefore, it is better not to mention some too sensitive topics in the conversation, and can say something that the other person is interested in. Learn to listen while the other person is talking. For example, if you bring up a topic that your partner is familiar with, don’t interrupt them while they are talking. Let them finish their thoughts and opinions before you express your feelings.

4. Show that you care about your partner during the conversation, and don’t say drink more hot water! There is no better sign of love than caring for your partner. But in order to show that you care about your partner, it’s important to know how and what you should never say. For example, if the weather is cold, remind your partner to wear warm clothes. However, drinking too much hot water is an absolute no-no! Sometimes a girl may say with her boyfriend, I have a stomachache, the boy answers to drink more hot water; When a girl is sick, a guy will say drink more hot water. Drinking hot water can help, but it’s best if guys don’t mention it, because your girlfriends will think you don’t care about them and that you’re talking about drinking more hot water no matter what.

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