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How to improve the quality of sex? 3 sex tips for you

1、sexual fantasy

I always say the brain is the largest sex organ. And sexual fantasies are the most wonderful movies in the human mind, the most intimate stories of human nature.

Many people will think that sexual fantasy is a sin, a shame, but in fact sexual fantasy is essentially a kind of imagination, and imagination is not guilty, sexual fantasy is not guilty.

We’re all a little tired of the new, and when two people have sex for a long time, there will always be times when it doesn’t feel fresh, and fantasy is a very important way to help enhance the sexual experience.

Sexual fantasies are an inexhaustible source of pleasure for your private desires.

You can imagine everything you want in your mind, whether it is sexy, hot, or warm, as long as it arouses more desires and desires, burning your passion.

You can imagine everything you want in your mind, whether it is sexy, hot, or warm, as long as it arouses more desires and desires, burning your passion. Of course, if the object of your fantasy is not your partner, then I suggest you don’t need to share your fantasy with them, if you don’t mind saying otherwise.

I would like to emphasize here that sexual fantasy is not an emotional affair, nor does it represent infidelity, it is only a fantasy, and will not be put into practice.

2、Sex game

Whether it’s role-playing, putting on sexy lingerie and lighting candles, or if you’re okay with it, engaging in some mutually acceptable SM.

Or you can use sex toys or try other ways to stimulate your body. Every inch of your body is a surprise, and you have to learn to explore and discover her passion and beauty.

As long as you’re both willing to experiment and not hurt each other, there’s nothing wrong with deeper intimate exploration.

This will expand your sexual relationship, because you will only do these things with the people you love and trust the most.

When you’re playing sex games, you have to be in it, you have to enjoy the moment, you have to immerse yourself in the erotic world, you will feel wonderful.

3、A sexually charged sex life

We often refer to sex as “sex.” Broadly speaking, sex is never limited to the mere friction between the bed and the genitals. The livelier sex is always present in “life”.

For example, affectionate or passionate kissing on a daily basis, holding each other from behind while doing housework, flirting with each other’s bodies while showering together, making flirtatious sexual comments…

These seemingly small actions can spice up life and enhance intimacy. These actions are more likely to result in spiritual pleasure and connection than sex.

In fact, the so-called quality of sex, like the frequency of crack, there is no standard answer to love, marriage, sex.

It is this freedom that makes things and relationships more beautiful.

Skill is more icing on the cake. What we can do is build on her original freedom to achieve quality sex that is truly physical and spiritual.


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