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How does a girl increase her sex

1、The clothes you wear and the makeup

To put it bluntly, people rely on the beauty of clothes by beautiful clothes, said the estimate is that the girl dress up on the method. No one is born without a human embryo, the street to buy these very high beautiful women of the opposite sex friends are very good, not completely because of their looks, but also because they understand the dress. If you are a beautiful woman, do not understand the use of clothing and makeup to reflect their own, then you only count as a dusty pearl let others see your bright spot. On the other hand, when your appearance is normal, but you have a high appreciation of work ability, know how to dress up for their appearance and style greatly added, then walking in the street I can in the first moment to absorb thousands of ‘eyes’.

2、A soft smile

A girl who loves to laugh is real. Even if you don’t look good, but if you love to laugh, bright smile is usually very easy to attract the eyes of friends of the opposite sex, because the desire to learn will let them want to know what is to give you smile so happy, together with a beautiful smile inside also filled with social positive energy, that social positive energy is very easy to feel the people beside, let their mood also become more and more happy, There is no one who doesn’t want to have fun with a joker.

3、Treat others with understanding and courtesy

The considerate girl has always been very easy to get the care and praise of others. She gives way to those who need to help in the subway, gives sincere tips when seeing others’ belongings gone, makes a gentle apology when accidentally encountering others, wants to say a few words no matter how painful it is when encountering others, and leads them carefully when encountering people who ask for directions… If you can guarantee the many things that seem plain and simple but require sufficient understanding and discipline, then repurchase is undoubtedly high. A girl who believes in understanding and civility will also be loved by many of her opposite-sex friends.

4、Confident and refined personal conduct

Confidence can give a girl thousands of points. When you don’t feel confident that you are just a drop in the bucket and that everyone doesn’t care about you, then congratulations, it will actually give you a sense of inferiority to nothing. The Creator always wants to help a man who dares to get out of his own heart. When your personal behavior and manners are elegant, no matter where you go is full of confidence, then like the built-in stage spotlight, water immersed in the group you can still shine, resold high, perhaps, the opposite sex friends are not easy to go bad.

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