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short time? Teach you a trick can prolong 40 minutes

Sufficient time is crucial to a woman’s experience. In a few minutes, many women will feel unfinished or feel that it is over when they first come up. If this happens for a long time, the other party may resist having intimacy with you, and even affect their relationship.

After shopping and watching movies, arrange candlelight dinner.

The atmosphere is already warmed up, but the actual combat takes only a few minutes…

Sigh~ “Time” is really a difficult problem for men. Every time this kind of problem occurs, how many men make up their minds to exercise and go to bed early, just to prolong it by a few minutes…

Whenever we talked about the time issue with the male gods, everyone looked sad. So why is Ding Ding so sensitive, how to extend the time, is there a correct way to solve the time problem? Xiaomei will come to chat with you today.

Why is Ding Ding so sensitive?

If you want to prolong the time, you must know why Ding Ding is so sensitive. We have educated Ding friends before that Ding Ding has a lot of nerves, especially the glans.

The penis sensory pathway starts from the penis skin, glans, urethra, and sensory organs in the penis cavernous body, and sends out nerve fibers to fuse to form the penis dorsal nerve bundle, plus other nerve fibers to become the internal nerve of the pudendum. The glans is formed by the cap-shaped front end of the urethral spongy body.

When the glans is strongly stimulated, it will be very sensitive, triggering ejaculation response.

In other words, if you want to prolong the ejaculation time, it is very important to reduce the sensitivity of the glans.

How to reduce the sensitivity of the glans? Teach you a trick can extend 40 minutes!

Generally, reducing glans sensitivity can be done from a physical and drug perspective:

1. From the physical point of view: let the glans fully contact with the outside world. For example, brothers with too long foreskin can remove the foreskin through surgery; use hot compress method, wrap the penis and glans with a hot towel, and then let go, alternating hot and cold Let Ding Ding adapt to changes in temperature, etc.;

2. Drug angle: At present, there are some delay sprays on the market, which are also very popular. The main reason is that it is more convenient to carry and the usage is relatively simple. It only needs to be sprayed a few times.

However, this kind of thing that directly touches the skin of a man’s baby, brothers will inevitably have many questions in their hearts: will there be side effects, will it form dependence… After all, many netizens in the market have reported that there will be numbness after use. The uncomfortable reaction of burning and pain is actually an improper use method.

Why do I feel unwell after using the delay spray? First of all, it must be clear that the delay spray is effective for most people, but the delay spray is not a medicine. As for the above problems, we can consider the following points:

1. Composition

If there are anesthetics in the ingredients, the loss of consciousness will appear to varying degrees after use, resulting in a feeling of wood and numbness. There is no feeling during sex. Excessive “no feeling” means no pleasure, and it will also affect the quality of sex.

2. Location of use

The instructions for use of general sprays will remind you to avoid the urethral orifice and coronary sulcus when using the product. The main reason is that the skin in these places is weak, and too much stimulation will cause burning or pain.

3. Time

Every product has an onset time. If the time span is too long after using the product and the actual effect occurs, it will also affect the product effect!

In addition to these factors, there may be other reasons, such as the quality problems of the product itself, the psychological factors of using the product, and so on. So is there a more neutral delay spray? Let’s take Nemel Delay Spray as an example to see what users who have used this product have to say.

The effect of using Nemel Delay Spray

First of all, let’s get to know Nemer Delay Spray: It uses natural herbal formulas such as Sophora flavescens, Cnidium chinensis, and cloves. These plant ingredients can directly stimulate the flow rate of blood cells in capillaries without stimulating the cell body.

Because the neurotransmitters secreted by neuron cells are responsible for the transmission of pleasure, and the blood cells in the capillaries can quickly decompose and transport these neurotransmitters, which speeds up the circulation of the penis blood supply system, so that it can reduce penis sensitivity, Raise the ejaculation threshold, so as to advance to the ultimate effect of delay.

Nymel Delay Spray adopts a milder treatment method of physical delay, which is mainly absorbed through the skin and then exerts its effect, so there is no numbness. And those products with added narcotics are no different from piling, there is no sense of happiness, and it will hurt the body. In order to verify the effect of the product, we collected 1,000 male friends to sign up as testers, and received 659 valid feedbacks, and the product effectiveness rate reached more than 98%.

1. Olfactory feedback

In terms of “users’ feelings about the smell of the product”, more than half (40%) of the users think that the product basically has no special smell, and 30% (51%) of the users think that the product has a faint smell of traditional Chinese medicine, and less users (9%) think that The product smells like traditional Chinese medicine. No user thinks the product has an alcohol smell, and some users report that the product has a “light fragrance”.

Among the users who use Nemel, 98% of the users said that they could accept the smell of the product, and only 2% of the users said that they could not accept the smell of the product.

2. Somatosensory feedback

Among the users who use Nemel, more than 90% of users report that the product works within 30 minutes.

Very few users reported that the product took longer to work.

3. The actual combat extended time after using the product

After users use the product, the actual combat extension time is the most within 20 minutes, accounting for 42%; followed by users within 30 minutes, accounting for 29%; the proportion of users within 15 minutes is 19%, and a small number of users feedback actual combat The extended time exceeds 40 minutes; in addition, 2% of users think that the time extended after using the product is between 5 and 10 minutes, which is not very satisfactory.

Well, the above is part of the survey data, do you have an urge to try it?

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