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The Mermaid and the Prince from Nordic Love Story

 This love story from northern Europe is of course the simplest love story, but it is the most immortal among all love stories. We probably already know this story at an early age. But at that time, we didn’t realize that this was a great love story, but we felt sorry for the little mermaid. We didn’t know that life, including love, is a cruel cycle. Things you can’t do yourself. A person, loving someone, is able to keep him from knowing, bear all the pain caused by loving him, bear his indifference, suffer him to love other people, and finally have to save the one she loves. Man gives his life. This kind of love is really unprecedented and unprecedented. Fortunately, what this venerable Dane described was just a story in a fairy tale, otherwise our world has really evolved to a very high level.


The sea is blue, and this blue has a different mood. In such an environment, it is always a matter of course that such a great love story is born. On the beautiful face of the Little Mermaid, apart from being pale, there is also the concern for her lover. On her slender and beautiful legs, besides the blood shed for love, there are also hard steps that are desperate for love.

This story is a classic among classics. We cannot expect even a single comparable love story in this world, especially in modern times. But that is our ideal after all, this ideal is always shining in front of us, guiding our way forward on the ocean of love.

In conclusion, for the love of dedicating oneself to love, being able to dedicate oneself to love for a while is a state, and being able to dedicate one’s life to love for a long time is a kind of miracle.

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