Dating Teaching

things girls hate about dating

1、stand sb up

Please don’t change your appointment unless something urgent comes up. Call a girl when she’s all dolled up and say, “I’m sorry, but I have something to do today. Let’s reschedule.” Don’t you think that’s a slight in itself? You want to see this girl again? No way!

2、Go on a date at a fast food restaurant

A date at a fast food restaurant is statistically one of the worst offenders. It was crowded, noisy, and hurried. Eating burgers and fries that just satisfy my hunger. In the other person’s face pale light, you will surely lose all desire to communicate.

3、My eyes drifted to the beautiful woman next to me

This may not be your girlfriend sitting in front of you, and she certainly has no right to blame you for peeping at hot girls. But you have to remember that a casual look in your eyes may be mistaken for a playboy by the girl who doesn’t know you very well. Do you think it’s a loss to miss the girl you love for a visual feast?

4、Drink too much

I’m not stopping you from drinking alcohol when you first meet someone. After all, alcohol can add to the romantic atmosphere, but you should never drink too much. What is there to talk about with a drunk? Don’t talk about drinking and telling the truth. That’s when two people get to know each other. But when you first meet someone, be discreet.

5、A lot of people is not a blind date is to fight the Wolf

It’s not a blind date. In other words, even a blind date is a blind date for yourself. No matter how popular you usually are, this is definitely not the time to call on your friends. You don’t need your own consigliere. Maybe he can help you, just destroy the date.

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