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How to make sex life more fun? Recommend these sex tips for men and women to add fun

1. How to make sex more enjoyable

Do sex exercises before sex

Does he compliment your sexy belly and complain about your fat after sex ? Give him a new sense of movement. Of course, if you are lazy, you may need to be ready to warm up and study at least half a month or two weeks ago. Remember, almost any aerobic exercise will help burn fat and burn. According to the survey, 66% of people who love running say that running makes them sexually happy. Running is not only good for losing weight, but it is also very helpful for improving women’s libido . For that reason alone, he’ll want to run with you. After a run, a water fight in the bathroom must be invigorating.

caress his erogenous parts

While every man’s erogenous zones are different, there is still research showing that touching his body can actually have amazing results! Here’s how they really feel: …My hips and thighs are both very sensitive. ;I love kissing and stroking my breasts and then stroking and massaging my whole body. These ministries are very sensitive if the other party knows what to do.

When I’m excited and passionate, my whole body is very sensitive, especially my back and feet. I like to massage each other before getting into the subject. ……ok Since he thinks this is better, you might as well change your habits and give him some fresh stimulation. Surely it can’t be bad! You know, it’ll make him in love relive that time when he was a baby: being patted on the bottom by the most dependent mom.

Replace candles with novelty star lights

Candlelight is not only suitable for romantic dinners, but it can also add freshness to sex. Candlelight will make the skin look red and tender, and even the shadow cast on the wall will be beautiful. Candle holders sold in some home stores even cause candle light to illuminate special shapes that reflect off ceilings and walls for an even more beautiful thrill. However, this is already an old-fashioned option. The popular laser lights on the market can instantly turn your room into a mysterious starry sky. Try to start having sex with it…..

4. Properly stop during sex

The new concept of sexual happiness in 2010 is to give us a break. Then, the endless sensory stimulation can make you pass the night! According to the survey, the excitement of human beings will last for a few seconds to a minute after the cessation of sexual intercourse, so in the process of ML in a proper cessation, not only will not reduce the pleasure, but will make You have the thrill of playing hard to get.

5. Vaginal gymnastics

Anal fitness exercises can only exercise the muscles of the vaginal opening. The best time for vaginal exercise is LELO. When the smart Luna ball goes deep into the body, it tightens the vaginal muscles and wraps it tightly until it can no longer be tightened. Hold for 10 seconds and then relax to exercise the muscles deep in the vagina.

6. Make music helpful

Different music brings different sexual blessing indices. It is best to sing in a low voice to match the sweet words in your ears. Pay attention, choose a song long enough to caress; Excitement stage: There is a passionate rock music to make people excited. Crazy rock music, especially powerful chords, is enough to make people get high quickly.

Buying the right condom is crucial

There are many types of condoms on the market, ultra-thin, threaded, and scented. ….. There are big and small markings on the packaging, which confuses me when choosing. Sometimes condoms bought from the supermarket are expensive and uncomfortable to use. Faced with various condoms, how to choose?

Men often complain that wearing a condom is uncomfortable. In fact, the main reason is that they did not choose the correct condom. In terms of models, there are three types of condoms in the Chinese market: large, medium and small. Generally speaking, the medium is more common. Men can use a thin line to circle the middle of the penis after fully erecting, then measure the length of the line, that is, the circumference of the penis, and then divide it by 3. The diameter of the penis is 14.

Based on this calculation, you can buy the right size condom. In terms of thickness, there are mainly three types of condoms: ultra-thin, thin and ordinary. The thickness is 0.01 mm, and the comfort level of men will increase by 20%. However, for men with fast ejaculation and older age, thicker condoms should be used, which is beneficial to control ejaculation and prolong sexual life. In terms of lines, threads and floating points help to enhance the stimulation for women, and women can choose to buy according to their needs.

Some condoms with flavor and color, although helpful to increase interest, but the additives are also prone to allergies, so pay attention to how your body feels when using them. If you have itching, edema and other problems, you should stop using it in time. In addition, condoms also have a shelf life, purchase clearly, expired aging can no longer be used.

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