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What are the correct masturbation methods for men? Top 10 masturbation methods for men

For adults, a normal sex life can be said to be an indispensable part, but in today’s life, many couples are still separated, and there is no normal sex life now, male friends can choose some The correct way to masturbate to release yourself, so what are the methods for male masturbation?

Top 10 masturbation methods for men

1. Stimulate the penis. When you pull it by yourself, you can use some lubricant or saliva, hold the erect penis with one hand or both hands , and pull it up and down. Some male friends like to push their hands on the glans when they twitch, and this kind of stimulation Pulling is usually done by grasping the testicle with one hand , or wrapping it in a soft cloth. Another way is to tighten the scrotum with one hand, but not too heavy, and pull the penis with the other hand. Some men like fast movements.

2. Using a reclining chair and scrubbing agent, the boyfriend lies on the reclining chair, applies some scrubbing agent, rubs the torso, glans and testicles of the penis with one hand, and massages the back end of the testicles and the anus with the other hand.

3. Six-fingered demon, males rub their thumbs, middle fingers, and index fingers around the penis up and down until they climax.

4. The ball holder, the male uses the left hand to make a hemisphere, hold the testicle, and pull it with the right hand, adjust the speed, slow down when it reaches the climax, and then speed up, repeat it several times before ejaculating, during ejaculation, you can pinch the testicle with your hands .

5. To pull the penis quickly, apply some lubricant or soap foam.

6. Torso rubbing, the male lies down first, and rubs the penis with the middle part of the testicle. In this case, he can masturbate to keep his time without leaking.

7. Put your hands on both sides of the penis and pat it back and forth, or you can use one hand to pat the penis towards the abdomen.

8. Rubbing, lying down, reading some erotica, flipping the hips, rubbing the penis back and forth on something it can touch, such as a bedding, a pillow. It’s also possible to put a pillow between your belly and penis and let the penis go back and forth between the pillow and the sheet, try it for a hard penis in the morning.

9. Male friends need to insert a bamboo stick when encountering holes, which can be from hands to watermelons or even sanitary rolls. Some men with overlong foreskins are very sensitive. For pleasure, the foreskin also reduces friction on the penis and other objects.

Use the simulated vaginal hand, first apply some water-soluble lubricant on the hand, and then hold the penis, feel that the hand is a wet vagina, slowly insert and caress.

Above are some common masturbation methods introduced by male friends, hoping to bring some help to the majority of male friends. In daily life, male friends should choose the correct way to masturbate, so as not to cause harm to their reproductive organs. But be careful not to rely too much on masturbation.

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