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The Foreplay Technique Men Desire Most

First, language stimulation

Before sex, women’s verbal stimulation can arouse men’s sexual desire, especially some dirty words. So love is not just about physical contact, sometimes the stimulation of language can also feel satisfying and happy.

Second, learn to kiss

Kissing in foreplay is not simply mouth-to-mouth. May I ask how exciting it is to kiss like this for three minutes? You can hold an ice cube in your mouth and use your lips to move around his body, especially the inner thighs and ears that are prone to irritation Erotic areas. Remember to take it slowly, the slower the situation, the more the man will enjoy it, and the sex drive will also increase.

Third, tease him

How can foreplay be more conducive to sex? Not sure if you’ve heard that hazy vision is more attractive than stripping. Then you can stimulate him through clothes. You can tease him when he is not taking off his clothes, such as rubbing his thighs or genitals; you can also seduce him by wearing sexy clothes with a touch of transparency.

Fourth, touch yourself in front of your partner

What kind of foreplay makes a man more passionate and work harder? Touch yourself in front of him. Men are all visual animals. If you masturbate in front of him, he will be even more unable to control himself when he is stimulated, especially when he is about to have sex, his sexual desire will increase instantly. .

In fact, the editor wants to say that women should learn to take the initiative for their own sexual happiness, don’t just do what they say in bed, and take off their clothes when they say so. Women must learn to take the initiative, otherwise it will be over as soon as they take off their nakedness before enjoying it, and in the end it seems to become a tool for venting. Therefore, it is very important for female friends to learn foreplay, especially the time of female orgasm will be relatively slow, so it is necessary to communicate when it is very enjoyable and itchy.

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