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These four ways to keep love fresh, you must see the end!

It’s easy to start a relationship, but it’s not so easy to keep it going. It is said that falling in love is easy but getting along is difficult. The difficulty of getting along is not only to tolerate each other, but also to let each other not get bored in getting along day and night. If you want to not get bored, you need to keep love fresh. Both men and women should make efforts and changes for each other’s feelings. The following four ways to keep love fresh, must see the end! After reading it, you might as well start trying it today.

First, reproduce the dating scene

Remember when you dated him for the first time, what kind of clothes did he wear, what kind of hairstyle did he wear, what was the first sentence he said, and did anything interesting happen. These are your common memories. Dates are not always good. There are happy and embarrassing moments. No matter what kind of times, when time passes and the situation reappears, each other will find it very interesting. Because it is your exclusive memory, so you are The one with the most feeling, complaining to each other, making a little joke innocuously, will make the relationship heat up quickly. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a date to spend the night. From now on, you must date often, and don’t say you don’t have time. Time is always squeezed out. If you don’t even try hard, how can your relationship stay fresh. Don’t think about other things when dating, just treat it as a relationship, don’t think about housework, children and all kinds of trivial expenses, just a simple date, the protagonist is just you two, just like a young couple in love, be naive , don’t be too mature, you are just a young couple when you are dating, not an old couple.

Second, a little bet from time to time

Betting sounds very angry, but here is a small bet, like a harmless little joke, just a swap in life. A real sharing from one of my best friends, my best friend Xiaoyan and her husband are keen on betting. The content of their bets is often some common things in life, and those who lose the bet are responsible for washing the clothes or dishes for the day. They never get blushed and neck thick because of betting, because they all think that these are just small jokes, and the object of the bet is their lover, so there is no need to care too much. Those who lose a bet are also willing to admit defeat and execute obediently. Because of such a small bet, their relationship is getting better and better. Life is already difficult, and occasionally a little adjustment can not only relax ourselves, but also enhance our relationship with each other. If you really don’t have time to date, you should also increase the temperature of your relationship while getting along day and night, instead of letting the relationship cool down and doing nothing.

Third, prepare some small surprises from time to time

Both men and women like small surprises. For example, after a tiring day, when you are so hungry that your chest is on your back, a bowl of noodles cooked by your lover is a small surprise. For example, casually mention a small thing you want, and the other party will “change” it in front of you when you can’t even think of it. Best friend Xiaoyan is also a person who pays great attention to small surprises. She often “changes” a bowl of chicken soup after her husband works overtime. Of course, her husband will also buy her some small gifts on days like “520”. We need some small surprises in life. Although it is true to be ordinary, it is too boring to be too ordinary. Some appropriate small surprises can enhance the relationship between each other. When the relationship is good, the mood will be good. Surprises don’t need to be expensive, what matters is the mind.

Fourth, cultivate common interests and hobbies

Whether it is a husband and wife or a couple, if the two parties have no common hobbies, they will never go for a long time. Because of common hobbies, there will be more common topics, and we will be able to chat with each other better. If we can’t talk, it means that the relationship is coming to an end. Be sure to cultivate at least one common interest, such as watching movies, watching TV, watching the World Cup, and playing games. Maybe many women will say that they are not interested in the World Cup and e-sports games, but interest can be cultivated. If you don’t even try it, you will be lacking in sincerity. Men should also see women’s efforts and be considerate of them. They are willing to try to watch the World Cup and play games for you, and you have to spend some time watching movies and watching TV with her. Of course, this kind of mutual company is not as good as two people enjoying it. If you want to find a hobby that both of you are interested in, you need to spend more time and observe.

The long-term relationship is inseparable from the efforts of two people on the relationship. Persistence is often not enough, and each other’s intentions are needed. It’s true that it’s bland, but it’s better to have a little fun now and then, isn’t it?

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