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Why don’t boys like to make noise when they are in sex?

I don’t know if you have noticed that during the process of love, boys always like to listen to girls calling, but they rarely make a sound. Is this because they want to be a silent handsome man?

Of course, this may not be the case. Today I will discuss with you the secret of why boys don’t like to make noise.

Today, let’s take a serious look at the secret words when applauding for love.

01. Is it necessarily comfortable to have a sound?

Not sure. But it is true that the girls seem to be in high spirits in this regard.

When applauding for love, the oxygen content in the blood will decrease. When the body needs more oxygen, it will breathe faster, drive the vocal cords to move, and make a sound unconsciously.

And when approaching GC, the brain will secrete a large amount of dopamine, etc., which will relieve the inhibition of the brain, dilute people’s rationality, and be more inclined to instinct, and the uncontrollable voice is easy to blurt out.

In fact, making a proper sound is conducive to harmony and beauty. According to the survey, 70% of boys think that the stimulation of sound is more attractive than sight and contact.

However, if you think that the voices made by girls are related to the strength of boys, then you are simply thinking too much.

Just like you are already great, like this polite comfort, what many girls really mean is, you can end it quickly!

That’s right, it’s just not that happy. Use some words to stimulate the other party, and it means to hurry up.

After all, in the eyes of most boys, it must be very comfortable with such a big reaction! It can only be said that for some boys, it is also a beautiful lie.

02. Why don’t boys like to make noise?

From a neurophysiological point of view, boys are more likely to suppress themselves than girls.

When boys applaud for love, the cerebral cortex is stimulated more than the hypothalamus, which can be roughly controlled artificially.

Of course, most boys will also be unable to suppress their voices.

However, the boy GC only takes a few seconds, and when he wants to make a sound, it is over.

Most boys still feel that they are in a dominant position, worrying that they are too motherly, and it is certain that they are embarrassed to speak out.

Of course, the more important reason for boys to keep silent is that they are afraid of being discouraged. I wish I could read the whole text silently in order to prolong the time. If I speak out frequently, it will not be faster.

However, holding back and not making a sound is also very monotonous, and it is still uncomfortable~

In fact, Xiaomei thinks that in the applause for love, it is also a plus for both men and women to add some language stimulation.

When technology and persistence are not in place, appropriate language stimulation can indeed make up for the lack and embarrassment.

And boys will be obsessed with different taboo pleasures at different ages. Just ask, who doesn’t like the contrast between being serious outside and showing off privately at home?

However, any verbal stimulation must be based on respect for each other, just add a little fun, and insulting each other is a taboo~

Warm reminder to everyone, if you want to have a voice, you can have a voice without affecting others. After all, only when there is interaction can it be of high quality.

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