About happy sex

How women can improve the quality of sex life

1. Show your true self when you are in love

The first point of this matter means that it is really‧very‧important!

Sex is a matter between two people. In addition to satisfying each other, understanding your own body is also very important. You must let the other party know how you feel in the current state. If you feel comfortable, express it boldly , This will also make the other party feel happy and work harder; if you don’t feel or even feel uncomfortable, you must let the other party know that it is not suitable for you, otherwise your sexual quality will not be better.

2. To please the other party, you must know how to please yourself

There is no need to feel shy or ashamed to do this by yourself, everyone has the right to make themselves happy. Wufu.com has always advocated that women should know how to make orgasm by themselves. Orgasms are not dependent on others. You must know where your sensitive zone is, and what are the parts and positions that are prone to orgasm, so that you can get pleasure in the process of sex with fun. Similarly, when the other party sees your comfortable and high-pitched expression, they will also feel a sense of accomplishment and fun.

3. In-depth understanding of each other’s body structure

The second point mentioned the way to please yourself. If you want to be more diligent, I am serious, let’s study the structure of the human body! Take a good look at the physiological illustrations of men and women, and compare and study the other half from time to time. All the information you find comes from the experience of others, so no matter how much you read, you still have to try it yourself .

4. Good sex is not just about key parts

Unless you are a very insensitive person, any part may be a sensitive zone. The best way to test it is to pat each other’s cheeks, scalp, back of neck, shoulders, back… etc. from time to time when you get along with each other. From top to bottom, from front to back, don’t scratch hard, but gently stroke, and observe the other person’s reaction, sometimes the sensitive zone will appear in a very unexpected place, when you find this part, usually he also leaves I can’t leave you.

5. Train your imagination

Never be afraid to imagine.

And the best way to train your imagination is to see more psychiatrists, it turns out that the role of erotic literature is equal to girls’ Viagra)

6. Share and discuss with others

We know that it is always difficult to talk about intercourse. You might as well try to talk to your “good sisters” and ask them to share some of their experiences. Maybe they have already solved the big problem you thought!

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