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Do boys want an erection?

Xiaomei looked through many private messages and comments in the background, and found that many people asked some shy questions in the background:

“Xiaomei, why does my boyfriend seem to be able to get an erection at any time?”

“Do guys get erections 24 hours a day?”

“Xiaomei, do boys want it when they get an erection?”

Otherwise, how can you say that boys and girls are on two planets, and different body structures will indeed bring different feelings and experiences.

So, what does a boy’s “erection” represent?

01. What are the conditions for a boy to have an erection?

Different from girls’ body structure, boys’ penis erection is far easier than imagined.

We generally say that a boy’s “erection”, or stone shift, refers to the process in which a boy’s blood vessels dilate after being stimulated, and the blood quickly enters the process of congesting and expanding the cavernous body, reaching the state of turning stone.

Here we can understand the hyperemia of the cavernous body as a state where a soft water pipe is filled with water and then expands naturally.

When making love, we can only move on to the next step when we have completed the engorgement process.

And Ding Ding’s erection, there are probably the following two reasons:

· Physiological erection

After a man’s apricot organ is directly stimulated, including but not limited to direct touch, walking friction, or stimulation of the rectum and bladder, it will cause genital erection.

This kind of erection is achieved by stimulating the low-level erectile center of the sacral cord in the spinal cord to stimulate sexual excitement. It is an innate instinct of men and does not necessarily have apricot meaning. We also see it as a reflex erection.

·Psychological erection

The inducing factors of psychological erection are more extensive. Any stimulation of the cerebral cortex caused by hearing, vision, smell, even imagination, thinking and other stimuli related to apricot content will directly act on the genitals through the relevant nerves of the spinal cord, causing the expansion of arteries and blood vessels. Blood flows into the corpus cavernosum, producing an erection.

This type of erection diminishes with age, meaning that the younger you are, the easier it is to get an erection from indirect stimulation.

That is to say, a healthy normal man can get an erection as long as he is slightly stimulated or imagined.

02. Non-combat state, erection = want?

In fact, whether it is a psychological erection or a physical erection, neither is a completely independent existence in the process of making love.

So, in a non-combat state, are such erections and wants the same thing?

To understand this, we first need to understand erections in non-combat situations.

Except for the erection in the state of love, boys generally have 4-6 erections every night, 20-40 minutes each time, and there will also be unconscious natural erections at 4-7 in the morning, which are not controlled by situations, actions and thoughts .

This is a normal physiological process of a healthy man, and it is one of the reference indicators of a man’s sexual ability.

When erecting at night, men are often in the alternation of rapid eye movement sleep and slow eye movement sleep. At this time, the body’s main sympathetic nerves are resting, and the parasympathetic nerves are maintaining the body’s own work.

If it is placed in the daytime, the brain will choose to suppress the occurrence of apricot reaction, so as not to let such an erection affect the normal work and life of men. After a deep sleep, the body enters a relaxed state, and the body spontaneously responds to an erection, which is not necessarily related to the apricot impulse.

The same is true for morning erections. Such erections are of great significance for judging whether men have erectile dysfunction. If a man with erectile dysfunction has normal morning and night erections, it means that he does not have organic erectile dysfunction and needs to find another cause.

Of course, if the morning erection disappears for more than half a year and the erection is difficult and of poor quality, it is best to go to the hospital, the sooner the better.

03. If you want to be harder and more durable, how do you do it?

Xiaomei has reiterated many times that male friends need to work harder on physical strength and physical fitness if they want to survive with a golden gun and have superior abilities.

When a man is physically fit and muscular enough, it makes no sense to be weaker than others when it comes to making love.

Therefore, please keep these little secrets for friends who want to improve their abilities, forward and save them, and keep them in mind at all times~

·Maintain healthy habits

Smoking and drinking less. According to research, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are the number one killer of male erectile dysfunction, and smoking and drinking, a bad lifestyle that induces cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, is the best choice to quit.

·Choose appropriate clothes

Maintaining a temperature that is not too high is very important to protect male sex. Underwear made of airtight materials and tight tailoring are all incentives to increase the temperature of private parts. Of course, it is best to participate in activities such as sauna and hot springs. .

· Adhere to aerobic training

Aerobic training can not only increase muscle, but also promote the secretion of testosterone. It can not only help boys maintain a healthy body, but also balance the secretion of male hormones in the body. There are many benefits.

Write at the end:

For male friends, an uncontrolled penis is equally annoying.

But the occurrence of xingyu has a limit for anyone, not all the time.

Only by venting desires within a normal limit can we better protect our physical and mental safety.

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