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There are 3 ways to help you maintain the freshness of your relationship

We tend to envy those couples or partners who are like lovers in love no matter how many years they have been together. Their relationship between husband and wife is harmonious and full of fun. The first day I met you, the world was tender, and we fell in love together.

My friend Mumu is lucky to have such an enviable relationship. She and her boyfriend have been together for seven years, and they are each other’s first love. But the relationship between the two is not ambiguous at all.

Every Valentine’s Day or their birthdays, they face it with a sense of ritual. They remember each other’s preferences, and even save money to travel together.

People who didn’t know thought they were still in love, but Mumu confessed that there was a secret to maintaining the freshness in the relationship.

Freshness is actually passionate love, and the love period of a general couple is not long, about three months or so. The two went out to eat, go on a date, watch a movie, went through everything that should be experienced, and gradually became familiar with each other’s temper and temperament.

At this time, the freshness of love is gradually worn away, and the person in front of you makes you lose your desire to explore, so you become more and more tired of this relationship, and the freshness is gone.

In order to pursue the freshness in love, many people keep falling in love, breaking up and falling in love again. They often choose to end their relationship during the dull period. In fact, such behavior is very irresponsible, and all relationships must be faced. Contradictions and problems are not simply sweet and beautiful.

When a relationship wears down the passion a little bit, it is a lack of seriousness and insincerity in the relationship, and it is also a waste of one’s emotions and energy.

Someone on Zhihu said, “The so-called freshness is not doing the same thing with unknown people, but living an unknown life with the same people.” That’s it.

Instead of repeating the same emotions day after day on different objects, it is better to explore the unknown with the one you love deeply. This is a romantic and affectionate behavior, and it is a performance of responsibility to yourself and your partner. So what are the secrets to maintaining the freshness of love?

Method 1: Keep a certain distance, social life is independent and free

Distance produces beauty, this sentence is also applicable in the emotional world. Always remember that no matter in love or marriage, don’t tell the whole story about yourself, but leave yourself a little way out.

Keep your own mystery and make your partner fantasize about you. Another point is that you can be very close in a relationship, but you still have to have your own independent space to reduce the output of excess emotions. This is what we call the feeling of inseparability.

As a woman, her beauty is actually short-lived. She may attract the other party at the beginning of the relationship. He thinks you are too beautiful, but as time goes by, such external beauty will make the other party feel more and more. Tired.

It is difficult for a woman to maintain long-term mystery and freshness in her relationship if she has no beauty. It can only be said to be a beautiful empty vase.

You can really have a long-term advantage in a relationship, and the way to make your partner more and more interested in you is to enhance your own connotation. Such a woman exudes charm from the inside out, like high-quality spices, which last forever.

Method 2: Acknowledge and affirm the other party. Appropriate praise is conducive to enhancing the relationship

Falling in love is not as simple as falling in love. Falling in love is a momentary thing, but the long-term relationship is the most important thing.

Novelty in love is never natural. No matter how interesting you are, in a relationship, you have not discovered every side of you. You have tried your best to get the other person to care but you can only reveal your mystery bit by bit. Squeeze completely.

Therefore, falling in love is a kind of interpersonal communication ability to manage a romantic relationship. It is not simple. If you can make the other party feel happy, happy, fresh and interesting at all times, then you can look forward to the future of this relationship.

One of the skills that must be learned in love is to affirm the other party’s ability. With your encouragement and affirmation, he has found his own value and belonging, and naturally wants to continuously obtain energy from you.

The freshness of love also forms a long-term and reliable balance invisibly, which is an indestructible barrier of freshness in daily boring life.

But if you don’t praise your partner often or are not good at it, he will automatically think that he is worthless with you, and he will slowly lose interest in the relationship and you, and it will be difficult to open up to you.

When you try to redeem this relationship, you can only see his closed door. So learn to praise him to affirm him, even a clumsy compliment will make him happy, and he will naturally be willing to be close to you. People seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and it is the same in relationships.

Method 3: Improve each other and learn a new skill together

We often say that we must be independent in love and improve our abilities. In that case, love will naturally run smoothly on you and your partner in a balanced manner, without you having to worry too much.

In fact, I think this statement is still relatively one-sided. If you want to maintain the freshness in love, the most important thing is for two people to improve together, to do some completely new things together, and to learn together in fields that neither of them is good at.

I met a couple when I was in college. The secret to maintaining their relationship is to improve themselves together and improve together.

They will go to learn a new musical instrument together, the boy plays the piano, the girl sings, there is a feeling of harmony, and they also go bungee jumping to learn handicrafts. Almost every day life is not the same, so How can your relationship not feel fresh?

Maintaining the novelty of being in love is actually a new exploration of your partner. When you experience the unknown life with the same person, you will also find a different partner, and the freshness will naturally continue.

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