Stay in love

How can we keep the freshness of love?

Novelty will always be flat, which is human nature, so it is called fresh. Freshness is short-term, how to extend this feeling? Freshness can only be said to be extended, but it cannot be said to be maintained forever. This basic concept must be had. So how to extend it? After the novelty is over, how can we go overboard if we want to naturally and smoothly enter into a more emotionally settled, restrained, and more mature emotional connection? There are four methods and steps.

First of all, you have to be an interesting person. You have to be a person who has a common topic with the other party, or has some common interests and hobbies, and has a common discussion topic. Because any person, whether male or female, will devote time, energy and emotion to his hobbies. He will find satisfaction in the process.

So be specific, whether the other party has some hobbies, or you have some hobbies, so that the two of you can have common topics to talk about. When these topics are discussed to a certain extent, you will make the other party feel that it is a woman, this man is really interesting, and he is willing to invest time and energy to continue to pay attention to you.

The second is to maintain a level of comfort, which is also called a sense of security, because when two people are in love, there is a sense of freshness in the early stage of emotional contact between two people. conflict. Because life experiences are different and the three views are different, there will naturally be some running-in. If at this stage, we can provide a degree of comfort and a sense of comfort, we can face and consider each other in good faith. The other party feels that there is not so much pressure to be with you, and it is very comfortable to be with you, and there will be no special scruples or worries when being with you. Both parties are able to face this relationship gently and peacefully, which makes the other party not only pay attention to you in the first step, but also the other party can stay.

Here comes the third crucial point, you have to create some stimuli continuously. The other party found that there were some shining points in this person that he didn’t know before, and some things that he didn’t know could attract me. You don’t want to expose all your good qualities to the other party at one time, you must have some long-term, continuous disclosure, or display.

For example, he didn’t know you could play the guitar before, and he didn’t say or express it before, but now he suddenly showed his hobby in this field in front of him, and even reached a certain level. Why does he think the other party is so interesting? How can there be so many places that I didn’t know before? Just stimulate the other party’s excitement, let him feel that this person is really so good, and then there are other qualities in him, I don’t know which qualities? This will make the other party continue to want to discover and dig in you.

The fourth is to keep your own privacy and make yourself feel mysterious. Don’t tell the other party everything, and don’t report, report, or reveal all the details of your life or work to the other party. You must have your own free space, you must have your own inherent, a reserved space, and the other party will always have the desire to explore you. These are the four steps that can keep your relationship fresh for a long time.

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