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These two “privacy” of a woman, if she is willing to let you know, it proves that she loves you very much

There is privacy hidden in everyone’s heart, and some privacy is some old scars. Many times, we will automatically protect it and don’t want others to touch it.

Like a hedgehog, if it encounters danger, it will automatically curl up and face the enemy with its spines.

This is a form of psychological self-defense.

Especially women, don’t want other men to know the “privacy” in their hearts, so they choose to hide, choose to be silent, and choose to deal with it with a kind of indifference.

If this woman can let you touch these two “privacy” and let you know, then she must love you to the bone.

As this sentence says: “The deeper a woman loves you, the more she will let you touch the privacy of her heart and be honest with you.”

The deeper the love, the clearer the analysis in her heart, because she knows that men will also love her deeply because of their sincerity.

2. Unhappy childhood

If you love someone too deeply, you will want to confide everything in your heart, because a woman knows that the man she loves will give her the warmest care and the most affectionate love.

There are many women who had unfortunate childhoods, or were born in imperfect families, or were orphans at all, or were tortured by their parents’ patriarchal thoughts…

The shadow of childhood misfortune expanded infinitely in her heart, so that she hid it all in her heart, did not dare to talk about it, and endured it all silently.

Zen master Yixin said: “The misfortune of childhood is the most terrible shadow in life. If it is hidden in the heart for a long time, it will be tortured like a nightmare.”

However, when a woman can tell you all this frankly, then she loves you too much, trusts you too much, and believes that you can take care of her heart, warm her heart, and make her feel safe and happy for the rest of her life .

There was once a female classmate who was like this. She was despised by her parents when she was a child, thinking that she was a girl and would marry off sooner or later, so she had the worst food and the most work. Enjoy the blessing and bully her one by one.

Until she grew up and became an adult, she still dared not fall in love. In her consciousness, men bullied her, and she was unwilling to approach men, but the man in her life successfully rescued her and gave her the safest happiness. .

She is also very willing to tell men about her misfortunes, so that she can get double love from men, so that her love and marriage will be happy.

Unhappy childhood, no one is willing to talk about it. Only when you meet someone you love deeply will you confide everything and share your privacy. Presumably only if you confide, your heart will be opened and a new life will start.

3. Everyone has privacy, the deeper you love you, the more you will be touched

Every woman’s heart hides this or that kind of privacy, but it is an old scar, and many people choose to brush it off and bury it deeply.

I am willing to let it be silent in my heart for the rest of my life, only myself, slowly diluting with the years.

And when a woman meets a man she loves deeply, she chooses to entrust everything to this man, including the privacy in her heart.

The deeper the love, the more willing to let you touch, the more openly you will meet each other.

An emotional expert once said: “The more some women love, the more they will confide their inner privacy to each other. “

She is willing to talk about the woman’s past love history and those unfortunate things one by one, and she only hopes that the man can soothe the heart that was hurt by love with love.

Men, don’t understand, don’t worry about her past, just because I love you, I’m honest about everything, and because I love you, I wholeheartedly tell the grievances and misfortunes in my heart without any concealment.

She loves you deeply, and she doesn’t want to lose you, but she is willing to let you know her hurt, her tiredness, and all her past.

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