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How to teach you how to go on a first date? Learn not to be afraid of being single anymore

A few days ago, some fans asked me if the teacher could talk about something dry, the kind that is very dry. I have always been very grateful to the fans for their support. Your support is the biggest motivation for me to persist. In order to thank the fans for their support, today I directly Now that’s the dry stuff, let me teach you how to have a first date, what should you do on a first date?

The most unforgettable thing in life is the first time, the first time in love, the first kiss, the first time with a girlfriend, etc. No matter which first time is the most memorable thing for us, So what should a guy pay attention to when going on a first date? How to prepare? Now only males are used as an example, and female compatriots can also refer to it.

First of all, we need to clarify the time and place. We should not choose the time too early or too late. If it is too early, girls are not ready, and if it is too late, girls are unwilling to come out. The best time for dating is from 8:00 to 10:00 in the evening. This is for the first date. Of course, the later the better after you get to know each other. You know this.

How to choose the location? This is also very particular. Since it is a date, any big food stall is definitely not suitable. It is a bit low-end. High-end restaurants depend on their own financial situation. Most people are still middle-class, so it is better to choose some coffee with a quiet environment. Make an appointment at the store, it will be a little safer. Why do you choose a quiet place? This shouldn’t need to be explained too clearly. If the environment is too noisy, you should arrange a knitting meeting and listen to other people’s speeches.

Before going on a date, there is another link, the invitation, which is quite knowledgeable. If you want to talk about it in detail, it may take a long time to talk about it. Here I will talk about the key points. Have you ever met a girl you want to invite and can’t invite them forever? This is the case. There are many specific reasons, and I won’t analyze them one by one. I will target a certain one later. Write some details, so you must remember to pay attention to me. After all, I have spent a lot of time, energy and money on learning these things. Now I will selflessly dedicate the experience I have sorted out. I don’t ask you to reward me. At least follow me Such a simple thing as liking and forwarding can still be done.

When we invite people, we should also pay attention to the method and method of the ones that can be made out. Let’s not mention the ones that have been rejected. For tool invitations, it is best to use multiple-choice questions. You have to remember that no matter whether it is a man or a woman, no one is willing to do short-answer questions. They all like to do multiple-choice questions. The mode of answering the question is such as “Do you have time today? I would like to ask you out for dinner”, maybe you have not finished this sentence, and you will directly reply that you have no time. We can completely change the way of multiple-choice questions to make invitations, such as “Should we go to Dio Coffee after work or go to KFC?” Two options are directly given. As for the options to decide by yourself, I just give an example For example, why give two options. Giving two options is to let her realize that this is a multiple-choice question at the first time. If she doesn’t particularly dislike you, she will generally choose. Because this questioning method itself has options embedded, when people hear this question for the first time, their first reaction is to make a choice instead of rejecting it, so remember to learn to use multiple-choice questions.

Secondly, you need to tidy up yourself before a date. The so-called tidying up includes tidying up hairstyles, matching clothes, decorating accessories, etc. It doesn’t mean that only girls need to dress up. Boys also need to dress up. Unless you don’t care about this date, if you don’t care about it, just don’t make the date, wasting everyone’s expressions. This aspect is about your own image design, and this will be discussed later, just remember to dress up yourself, I only use two pictures to express the effect, and you will know the difference between before and after dressing up.

The next thing is to meet, the man must arrive first as the active party, and you can’t let the woman wait for you. Of course, it would be better if you can meet the other party, because when the first date is not very familiar, the woman They will come by themselves and will not ask you to pick them up. After the meeting, do you not know what to say in the first sentence? In fact, you don’t need to be too nervous. The opening statement is also a big question, and the teaching is not targeted. In the future, I will teach some practical things first, so that you can speak when you meet Compliment the other party, for example, from the matching point of view, “You are so beautiful in this outfit, it matches you very well, you have a good eye for choosing clothes”, you can also tease “I don’t know how is your eye for boyfriends?” Adapt to play , Don’t go too far, just use your own sense of propriety, it depends on how your relationship is progressing, or you can directly praise people, “You look much better in real life than in photos, not just cheating, haha”.

After the meeting, it’s time to sit. As for seating, we can sit on the opposite side, because girls usually have bags on the side, and sitting on the same side is also convenient for observation and communication. After taking a seat, have a simple greeting. After the greeting, order food. First of all, let the woman make a choice when ordering. When it comes to choice, most people will have difficulty in choosing. Is it every time you order food when you eat? , you have a headache and don’t know what to order. Ordering is also a matter of knowledge. It is very important to learn how to serve dishes. It depends on your own cooking skills.

It’s a critical moment. Eating and drinking are not the focus, but chatting and interacting. The purpose of dating is achieved through chatting and interacting. Can eating produce feelings? No, it’s not that brothers rely on eating to develop their feelings. You are going to become lovers. If you don’t communicate or express, where is the opportunity? As for what to talk about in the chat, here I will give a few general directions. There are too many details. I can’t finish talking, you can talk about food, fitness, travel, photography and other topics. It would be even better if you took some beautiful photos when you travel. Why? Because when talking about this topic, you can sit directly across from her, sit side by side with her, share your own photos, and talk closer. This time is very mysterious. Don’t look at the other person’s face and can’t help but kiss her. Ha, this will directly end the date, unless the woman herself has already become interested in you through getting along with her before the invitation. Don’t deliberately do some stupid movements, you can deliberately do some inadvertent movements, isn’t it a bit contradictory, not contradictory, you can intentionally bring your face closer, or even touch your face directly, this is Inadvertent actions, although you say you did it on purpose, it won’t matter if you don’t admit it to her. You still have to be careful about this kind of thing, and you have to do it just right, and you can’t appear to be too deliberate.

In addition, we can share some of our own stories, which can be some childhood experiences, some work insights, and some plans for the future. Sharing is sharing, and it must not be turned into venting some negative emotions. Otherwise it will be counterproductive. When it comes to photography, we can show the other party some beautiful photos we have taken to let the other party know that we have good photography skills. We can take the opportunity to pick up the mobile phone and take a group photo of ourselves and her. Taking a group photo is also a very good physical touch Opportunity.

After talking about this, you can make some proper physical contact. For example, you can say that you can read palmistry, you can pick up the other person’s hand to look at it, and say some words that are not true or false. Here, guessing words are also quite useful. I won’t talk about the details, but just talk about the specific logic. When analyzing a person, you need to analyze the opposite. For example, when you look at the other person’s hand, you can say that you look indifferent on the outside, but you are actually very enthusiastic on the inside. You are a person, or you are a person who looks carefree on the outside, but is actually very delicate on the inside. Anyway, people are self-contradictory, and there is no big mistake in guessing one thing in the opposite direction. Of course, you have to make comments based on your actual understanding of her, and you can’t just talk nonsense.

If you are careful, if you find something at the corner of the other person’s mouth, you can wait for the opportunity to wipe it for the other person, and touch the other person’s head by the way. It depends on the situation. If you are not sure, don’t touch it.

When the time is almost up, you have to choose to leave, you have to make a transition, and the next step is to press the road, don’t rush back, you can take her for a walk, and find a place with a park for a walk, if you are in When eating, everything is done well, and if the other party is satisfied, then you can be a little bolder. For example, when you are crossing the road, you can directly hold the other party’s hand and cross the road together. When crossing the road, you can adjust your emotions appropriately, such as “I really want to hold your hand for the rest of my life” and other words. It would be even better if the other party blushes when they hear it. After crossing the road, you can be bolder and say, “Just saw Seeing your red face, it’s so cute, I really can’t help but give you a kiss”, and then I will kiss you directly, just one kiss is enough, don’t be in love with the fight, and then continue to pull the other party away, at this time the other party may have already Feeling dizzy, just take her away.

When you arrive at the park, you can find a place to sit for a while. At this time, it depends on how the previous progress is. Is it as smooth as I said. If it is possible to have further physical contact, hugs and kisses, etc., what about this? ? Of course, it depends on your own ability. Although I have described it in such detail and designed it so perfectly, not everyone will follow my plot so smoothly. The twists and turns will depend on how you deal with them. .

In the end, of course, I sent the girl home. Don’t forget to give her a hug and kiss her forehead when you send her home. If it’s a bad one, it’s not sent home, or it’s directly back to your house, or the two of them went directly to the hotel. , there are various possibilities.

Perfect ending! This article is really quite dry. It can be said to be a fairly complete dating template. It can be used directly and applied without leaving it. After reading it, do you benefit a lot? Do you want to thank me very much? Believe it You can’t find such a good and detailed dating article on the whole Internet. Don’t say anything, just like, bookmark and pay attention, there are more details waiting for you later, if you appreciate me very much, you can also appreciate me, haha!

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