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How to keep fresh in love 30 secrets of keeping love fresh

I believe everyone knows that not all love in life will be as vigorous as that shown in TV dramas. I don’t know if you have heard Karen Mok’s “Cloudy Sky”, which sings like this: “The beginning is always wonderful every minute, and everyone thinks that enthusiasm will never diminish, except for the little bit of stubbornness after the passion fades.” . Indeed, in reality, after the passion of two people recedes, they will gradually return to plainness. But we have to believe that as long as we get through this plainness, it will be a perfect love. Then let’s take a look with the editor of, how to keep fresh in love!

1. How to keep fresh in love

1. Have common hobbies and learn to appreciate each other

Actively exploring your common interests will strengthen your relationship and keep your relationship fresh. Find a suitable time to do something that you both like. Only when you are harmonious enough with each other can love last forever.

You have to remember that even if you have been together for a long time, you still remember to appreciate each other and appreciate each other. Only in this way can your love be more happy and fresh.

2. Don’t rely too much on the other party, keep your own mystery

Although in the face of love, each other should be honest with each other, but maintaining a sense of mystery does not mean deliberately concealing something from the other party.

Women should keep their mystery at all times, especially in front of their lovers. Distance creates beauty, maintain independence, and not rely too much on each other, so that the sweet and greasy love between each other can feel fresh.

3. In addition to love, you also need to have your own social circle in life

Everyone should have their own life. There should not be only love in life, there should also be other feelings such as friendship, family affection, etc. A life with only love is incomplete.

For couples, it is not a good thing for two people to stick together every day. In addition to love, they also have their own social circles and their own lives. Only in this way can they maintain the freshness between each other.

2. 30 love secrets

1. Whether you are together or in different places, maintaining communication is always the first priority.

2. Keep a common topic. For example, girls can try to play games that the other party likes, and boys can also watch TV dramas recommended by girls.

3. Learn to speak well. If you can say “what’s the matter”, don’t say “what’s the matter with you”. This is true in relationships, and it is the same for others in daily life.

4. Always praise the other party instead of belittling them. Praise will keep a person happy and progressing.

5. Conduct in-depth communication before going to bed in the most relaxed state, but there is one thing that is not good, and the sky will dawn if you are not careful.

6. Remember to be honest with each other, express when you love, and remember to speak up when you don’t love, don’t be cold and violent.

7. Boys need comfort equally, even more than girls. It’s important to remember to voice your support for him when he’s vulnerable.

8. When the other party makes you unhappy, remember to say it, don’t hold back.

9. Appropriate small quarrels and emotional ups and downs are also conducive to keeping the relationship fresh between the two.

10. If it escalates to a quarrel, remember to turn over the chapter after the quarrel, don’t turn over the old score.

11. If the quarrel involves a matter of principle, the problem must be resolved after the quarrel. The ideal situation is that the quarrel does not last overnight.

12. When you are ushering in the seven-year itch, give yourself less negative psychological hints. The more you worry about the “itch”, the more you will “itch”.

13. Learn to “avoid the other party’s emotions”. When the other party is very broken or sad, just accompany him quietly. Don’t be reasonable, and don’t say words of comfort. Most of the time, we just want to vent our emotions.

14. When two people are together, remember to be independent. Do what you want to do together, and don’t blame each other for what you can’t accommodate.

15. At least once a year, each of them hangs out alone, and then shares the knowledge and new ideas during the trip with the other half.

16. Insist on some small rituals other than shopping, such as sending a postcard to the other party locally when you are on a business trip or going out alone.

17. Hug and kiss with your partner every day, especially hugging, is the best way to feel the warmth of the other party.

18. Although “100 things couples must do” is naive, it is really necessary for two people to do something together and record it.

199. No matter how busy you are, you must remember that it is also a sense of ritual to visit the vegetable market together, do housework and cook together, and feel the fireworks in the world.

20. Keeping a pet together can make the relationship between two people closer.

21. Remember to prepare surprises for the other party, not with money, but with heart.

22. Occasionally sleeping separately will have the surprise of Xiao Biesheng’s newly married.

23. Don’t show your complete self to the other party at once, only a little bit will always have a sense of freshness.

24. Learn to seek common ground while reserving differences. Personalities and hobbies can be different, but the overall outlook on life and values ​​must be consistent.

25. Cultivate a sense of tacit understanding. After being together for a long time, the sense of tacit understanding will gradually become the source of romance. The feeling of two people smiling together is actually very wonderful.

26. Get used to not taking the initiative to look at each other’s computers and mobile phones, give TA trust, and give each other space.

27. Learn to tolerate each other’s habits instead of changing them.

28. Whether it is verbal or behavioral, don’t repeatedly test and prove that the other party loves you.

29. After being together for a long time, you must learn to cultivate your “low sexual desire” habit, not deliberately restrain it, but try to reduce it as much as possible. First of all, low sexual desire can greatly avoid cheating, and secondly, if both of you don’t care much about it, then whether the sex life is harmonious or not will not become a contradiction.

30. Find a fixed time to do fixed small things, such as going for a walk in the park after dinner on weekends, and develop a habit that belongs to the two of you alone.

3.the specific method of keeping love fresh

1. When quarreling, one has to learn to bow his head, and the other has to accept it when he knows it’s okay

In fact, when people get along with each other, there will be friction, so there is no such thing as a couple that does not quarrel. But most of the reasons for quarreling are trivial things in life, but getting angry over small things will always lead to big disasters. So it is necessary to repair the relationship in time.

2. Often do something together, have common hobbies

Frequent activities between husband and wife can greatly enhance the relationship, because of the busy life, the time between the two is getting less and less, the two have fewer and fewer common memories, and there are fewer and fewer common topics. This will become a vicious circle, and the relationship between husband and wife will be wiped out bit by bit.

But don’t think that it is difficult for two people to go together. In fact, it is a good experience for two people to do housework together. In fact, as long as you don’t always spend the time together on your own affairs, half the battle is already achieved. For example, two people are clearly at home, but one person watches the computer and the other watches TV, and there is no communication all night.

3. The sense of ritual in life is very important

This sense of ritual does not have to be so grand, nor does it have to be mandatory for every anniversary, nor does it have to be grand for every festival. Instead, form a habit in your life. This action, this item, is closely related to each other in your life and can convey love.

I once saw a story about an old couple who said “I love you” to each other before going to bed every night. Because if one of them dies in his sleep, the last word he hears is “I love you”, which can be regarded as a warm farewell.

The above is how to keep the freshness in love and 30 love preservation secrets and other related content brought by the editor of Everyone’s love experience is different, so every couple will have their own methods on how to maintain freshness. There are many Everyone is thinking about how to talk about a vigorous love , as long as you put your heart into it, no matter what the method is, the other half will definitely feel your sincerity!

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