About love

Beautiful sentences about love, short and incisive!

1. As long as whoever likes a little more, he will easily give in, because he loves enough.

2. People who really love you like you all the way.

3. Life is too short, when you meet someone you like, you have to seriously like it.

4. You don’t have to be good, as long as I like it; if I’m not so good, it’s fine if you don’t dislike it.

5. No matter what happens, don’t say you don’t like me easily, don’t give up my relationship easily, the next stop may not be better than me.

6. There is a kind of love that can only be given up, and there is also a kind of love that can only be given up for the sake of cherishing.

7. When you fall in love not with a face, but with a person, you really grow up.

8. My life is just a straight line, and the turning is because I want to meet you.

9. You may meet many people who make your heart beat, but it is difficult for you to meet people who feel at ease.

10. If love cannot conquer everything, how can it be called love?

11. Follow you, wherever and whatever you do.

12. If a relationship doesn’t make you a better person, then it’s a pity that you’re with the wrong person.

Thirteen, some people think about it and forget about it. Maybe he has forgotten you.

14. Probably all likes are very similar, greedy that cannot be concealed, but sweet contentment.

Fifteen, love, it is easy for people to suffer from a disease called narrow-mindedness.

Sixteen, dear, no matter how beautiful things are, they can’t symbolize how much I love you.

Seventeen, lock you in the bottom of my heart, and remember the memory thoroughly.

18. People who have really liked can’t be friends because they still want to have them after looking at them a few more times.

19. I stand on the other side, but I can no longer touch the real temperature. The years slowly freeze and melt, and finally leave no trace. Along the unforgettable thoughts of you, I walk through the turbulent dusk. He bowed his head silently and walked slowly.

Twenty, I like you, nothing to do with Fengyue. I wish you well, even if you have nothing to do with me afterwards.

21. The most painful thing in the world is that when you care about this person, this person has left you, and when you find that you are about to forget, he appears in your life again, but this life is different from you. He is no longer related.

Twenty-two, are you like me, using insincere words to force away the person you love the most, and then heartache alone.

23. If that person doesn’t love you anymore, your pleading becomes noise in his ears, and your tears become acid rain in his eyes. You are just wasting your efforts to make him hate you even more.

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