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understanding of love

Love, it turns out to be easy, is to gently put the person you love in your heart; love, it turns out to be not easy, just can’t walk into his (her) heart.

Hobbies are tiring, but love is beautiful. Many people have chased after love, but are afraid of love. The success of love is beautiful, and the failure of love is painful. Love begins when you feel that life cannot be better, and ends when you feel that life cannot be worse.

Every step in life has its own scenery, so we have to go up every step, and we have to appreciate every kind of scenery.

The philosopher said: The world was created by accident, and it must be destroyed by accident; the wise man said: Wandering people, although they have hardships, have no history; scholars say: Change the chess piece, you will definitely win, but unfortunately you put it in the wrong position; ordinary people Said: People must remember the past, but they must look to the future.

A person loves many people in his life. After you get the happiness that really belongs to you, you will understand that the pain in the past is a kind of wealth. It makes you understand that there is no one who is perfect for you, no perfect relationship. Whether everyone fits together or not is perfect, both parties need to pay, sacrifice, and create each other. It also allows you to learn to better hold and cherish those you love.

But we are always so not easy to be satisfied, and we are always reluctant to part with the past feelings. Always feel heartbroken for what you have lost, and it is easy to miss the present relationship. I didn’t realize until after this relationship passed that in fact, what I got later may be more than what I lost at the beginning.

However, if you have confidence in yourself, if you still have fantasies about this relationship, if you cherish the relationship you gave, then you should fight for it.

Fighting is a kind of self-confidence, and we all respect every fate that love comes to us. You have to fight for the person you like, and strive to have the best explanation for your feelings. When you do your best for this relationship, when you say what you want to say and do what you want to do, you will find that the sky is still so blue and you are so cute. It’s not because you got what you want, but because you have worked hard and paid, and you have no regrets. Meeting the right person at the wrong time is a lifetime of happiness; meeting the wrong person at the right time is a sad experience . Meeting the wrong person at the wrong time is absurd; meeting the right person at the wrong time is a sigh.

No matter when it starts, the important thing is not to stop after it starts, no matter when it ends, the important thing is not to regret it after it ends.

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