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What is Valentine’s Day on February 14? The origin of 2.14 Valentine’s Day

The special status and meaning of Valentine’s Day is a milestone for everyone in love. Love can make the fireworks of life more dazzling. Every festival of love is worthy of commemoration and respect.

1. What is Valentine’s Day on February 14?

February 14th is the traditional Valentine’s Day in the West, also known as “St. Valentine’s Day” or “St. Valentine’s Day” . It is one of the traditional festivals in western countries. Choose gifts and flowers to express your love.

And infatuated girls will put laurel leaves on their pillows on the night before the Hualun Pavilion according to the ancient legend, hoping that they will meet their sweetheart in their dreams.

2. The origin of Valentine’s Day on February 14

There are many origins of Valentine’s Day on February 14th, but it is generally based on the fact that Valentine, a saint in Rome, was executed in 270 AD and was later designated as “Valentine’s Day”.

In the 3rd century AD, the Roman Empire was in a general crisis, the economy was depressed, the ruling class was corrupt, the society was turbulent, and the people rebelled one after another.

They love each other and are taken care of by the warden’s daughter. The ruling class ordered his execution. Before his execution, he wrote a long suicide note to the warden’s daughter, declaring his innocence. It shows his upright heart and deep love for the warden’s daughter.

On February 14, 270 A.D., he was executed. Later, in order to commemorate Valentine’s sacrifice for justice and pure love, Christians designated the day of execution as “St. Warren’s Day”. Change it to “Valentine’s Day”.

3. 2.14 Valentine’s Day Moments Copywriting

Valentine’s Day is coming, are you ready for the copywriting of Moments confession to the other half? Here is a collection of copywriting for Valentine’s Day on February 14th, for those who don’t know what to post in Moments, you can find inspiration~

1. Thank you for finding me in the corner of the world.

2. Walk with you, not far away.

3. Long days of joy, not less than the past.

4. You have been late for many years but I am still happy for your arrival.

5. Wait a minute, I will accompany you to the mountains and rivers.

6. The most beautiful thing is that when the crowd is crowded, you naturally hold my hand tightly.

7. Since I met you, I have light in my eyes and love in my heart. My love for you has only increased.

8. You are my fluffy coat, my warm embrace in winter, my safe haven in the heavy snow, and the person I want to hold hands with for the rest of my life.

9. Tonight, my eyes are full of stars. Whether you are by my side or far away, I think that there is a you in this world, and I feel that the whole world has become gentle. Happy Valentine’s Day☽

10. Loving you is really a joyful thing, and I can’t help but secretly respond to you: Among the thousands of gentle little things, I have confirmed it thousands of times in my heart, “Well, it is you.” .

Well, about February 14th is the traditional Western Valentine’s Day. The origin of 2.14 Valentine’s Day is related to Christians commemorating Valentine’s sacrifice for justice and pure love~

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