Stay in love

The way to keep love for a long time is to try to do these three things

It’s hard to find someone who is suitable for a lifetime. We always hope that love can last forever.

As the saying goes, falling in love is easy but getting along is difficult.

How to make the woman feel like a spring breeze and get closer to you in the process of getting along, you can start from these three aspects.

Satisfy women’s desire to share

Studies have shown that women speak at least 20,000 words a day, while men only need to speak 6,000 words a day. If a woman hasn’t talked enough during the day, you have to let her finish after get off work.

Take the initiative to ask her if she has encountered any happy things today. Do you have any troubles today?

Ask her if she has any expectations of you, is there anything she wants to do, is there anything she wants to get.

Make an effort to let a woman know that you are craving her communication and wanting her to share with you all the things she has been through.

When she complains, you should listen and empathize, express your understanding and support for her by expressing your understanding and support in the same situation as her, and don’t refute, hate her, or give her dissatisfied opinions, these are all intangible harm.

When she asks for your opinion, you give several proposals, put the opinion you want her to accept first or last, guide her to choose, and after she chooses, praise her, and make sure she knows it early on. How did it, great, go ahead and do it.

Women treat you as a friend, a confidant, and a best friend, so how can your love not last long?

Communicate and explain in a timely manner, quickly admit mistakes, and quickly reconcile

Love is most afraid of suspicion and misunderstanding. If there is any problem, communicate and explain it in time, and quickly reach an agreement with the other party to eliminate suspicion and avoid misunderstanding.

Don’t think that the other party doesn’t mind, don’t think that she will understand, she can understand, don’t be lazy and think that there is nothing to explain.

If there are too many of these small things, you will have a crisis of trust and cracks in your relationship.

You notice the strangeness of the woman, recall what you have done, and immediately explain to her, apologize to her for the excessive behavior, and promise to pay attention next time.

At the same time, I hope she can communicate with you frankly, is it because of what you said, she is not happy. If so, remedy it in time, and let her be able to express her feelings when she is uncomfortable or unhappy next time, so that you can regulate your behavior conveniently.

If not, beg her to reveal the real reason for her unhappiness and let you know where you went wrong.

After knowing the mistake, the two parties must be able to reconcile quickly without leaving any knots in their hearts.

Sometimes, what you hear is not necessarily the truth, and what you see is not necessarily the truth. Find each other and have an open and honest chat so you can put your mind at ease and clear up any misunderstandings.

Moral sense determines love life

There are many things that cannot be bound by clear things. At this time, a strong sense of morality will make your love last longer.

For example, in order to avoid cheating, you eliminate all occasions where you may accept temptation, do not test human nature, and do not make mistakes.

A strong sense of morality prompts you to believe that certain things and certain behaviors are unethical, wrong, and not worth doing, and naturally your love will last forever.


In relationships, we also need to be content and happy. Once you have a loved one, you have to chat with her a lot to satisfy her desire to share. Don’t be too annoying, isn’t love just talking nonsense and doing boring things every day?

When you find out that the other party is unhappy, you should get to the bottom of it to find out the reason, communicate in a timely manner, and don’t leave it for later; if you make a mistake, you will admit it, and if you know it, you will correct it.

Use a high sense of morality to restrain your own behavior and not to test the red line of human nature.

In this way, your love will be long and sweet.

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