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After 7 years of divorce, I chose to love again

Since ancient times, love is a beautiful existence in all people’s praise, but this beautiful, some people enjoy, some people can not enjoy.

Love needs fate, even the fingerprints of twins are not exactly the same, so those who have different ideas will eventually move towards the end of love.

01 — The end of a marriage

I am 42 years old and it has been seven years since my divorce. My ex-husband and I got to know each other very simply because our family rushed us to get married and get together in a hurry without knowing each other’s character. After marriage, our life is plain and ordinary. We work at three o ‘clock every day, just like the ancient people, working at sunrise and leaving after sunset. However, our personalities are not compatible, very incompatible, I long for romantic love, while he wants more realistic stability, slowly, we get along with problems. It was not resolved in time, so the marriage eventually ended.

02 — Secular prejudice

We had no children while we were married, so we didn’t have much to worry about when we were apart. But by the time of divorce, I was 35 years old, in the words of the ancient book is obsolete, in terms of body, in terms of beauty, I am not as beautiful as those young girls, so, after the divorce for a long time, I spent alone. This society always has prejudice against women, the end of a relationship, whether it is the woman’s fault, those secular will blame the fault on the woman. A lot of people say it’s hard for a divorced woman to find another partner, let alone an older divorced woman like me. So, for a long time, I wondered whether I should continue to love or not.

03 — Confusion about love

Some of my colleagues were kind enough to set me up, but having been through a failed marriage, I was starting to get a little nervous because I wasn’t sure if they really loved me. To be honest, after the divorce, I was still in a bit of pain, so I chose to travel to relieve myself. During my travels, I met people who, knowing my situation, offered to stay with me, even though I had been divorced once. However, they all said that including my parents, relatives and friends, when I chose to divorce, they advised me that divorced women have a hard time finding a partner. Therefore, in the face of their pursuit I always seem very hesitant, because I am not sure this kind of love in the end is really not real, my heart has been riddled with holes to toss it.

04 — How to choose when love comesSeven years have passed since the divorce, although I strongest say long live single, in fact, only I know the deep loneliness. Whenever I return home at night, facing the desolate surroundings, I wish for countless times that I can have a pillow with me, at least so that it looks like a home. On a trip, I met a man who, with his great conversation and sense of humor, fulfilled all my innermost criteria for a romantic partner. So, I have been silent for a long time hormones, once again have full of vitality.

When I was with him, I was relaxed. It was like going back to my college days. I didn’t have to worry about embarrassing myself in front of each other. However, I had been in a failed marriage, coupled with the secular prejudice against divorced women, so I was struggling with this relationship for the first time. Because I’m afraid he doesn’t really love me, even though he doesn’t mind my divorce. I thought about it and decided to give him a chance and me a chance. When we actually embraced, it was like walking through a fog and finally seeing the light inside. I’ve never felt so light inside.

Seven years after divorce, I thought I had no chance to enjoy the beauty of love, but God sent him to stand by my side, let me once again pluck up the courage to believe in love.

Like a coin with two sides, when you toss it into the air, it is up to Providence to see how it lands on the ground, and you are only responsible for enjoying it.

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