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For two people, there is only one secret to a lasting relationship


Everyone wants a sweet love, but managing a relationship is like sand in your hand, the tighter you hold it, the faster it will be lost.

If you don’t grasp it, you will slowly lose it again, and finally there is only residual warmth in your palm.

At the beginning of every love, it is beautiful and romantic, but many people’s love ends without a problem in the end.

Even their left atriums were left with deep wounds that could not heal for a long time, nor could they be easily touched again.

The reason is that they forgot to put oil in it. Love actually needs to be baked with fire.

Cai Kangyong said: “Marriage is like a refrigerator, and love is like fresh fruit.”

Indeed, plainness is not an inevitable principle of intimacy.

Without freshness, it is like a sunflower facing the sun all day long, without the occasional nourishment of rain, it will eventually hang its head until it grows old.

There is actually only one secret to the lasting relationship between two people, and that is to enhance the freshness.


Keeping freshness is the most important topic during love, and it is also a thing full of wisdom.

Although there is no classic cheat book that can cure all diseases in the world, but mastering certain principles, you can stride across the gap in love and go to the end with your lover.

Surprise is the most exciting, and the sense of ceremony is very important.

I brushed a video on a certain sound:

When a girl celebrated her birthday, her boyfriend couldn’t come over in time to celebrate her birthday because of a different place.

Although a little disappointed, she didn’t yell at her boyfriend and say hurtful things like “you don’t value me, my birthday is only once a year”.

Instead, she chose to understand.

On her birthday, she went out to eat with her roommate, which was a little self-consolation. Can

What she didn’t expect was that her boyfriend actually prepared a surprise for her.

Just as she was having a drink with her roommate in a restaurant, her boyfriend appeared behind her with a bouquet of delicate and expensive roses.

But she didn’t know it. Under the winking of her roommate, she finally found her boyfriend.

In an instant, she got up immediately, threw herself into her boyfriend’s arms, and cried happily.

And the real reason for her tears of joy was actually the arrival of her boyfriend, not the bouquet of expensive roses.

Therefore, surprises are often the catalyst of love, and it has nothing to do with how expensive gifts are.

Just because you are here, I feel that the air in the whole world is sweet.


Someone said: “The novelty is not to experience the same life with different people, but to explore the unknown world with the same people.”

The two have been together for a long time, it seems that everything has been said, and there is no way to find a common topic.

You may even feel that the other party’s “peerless appearance” is actually very ordinary, maybe you were “deceived” by your eyes from the very beginning.

Over time, the two began to quarrel frequently, and then became more and more distant, until finally they had already lived their own lives without even breaking up.

All this happened because the two parties knew each other too well.

In fact, in love, maintaining a sense of mystery is very important.

Couples need to be honest, but they don’t have to tell each other everything.

Distance produces beauty. You must keep the other person curious about you and feel that you are a treasure that can never be excavated. This relationship will last for a long time.

If the other party knows you very well from the beginning, I believe it will not take long before they will fall into the “criticism” of love.

There’s no temptation to finally declare that the relationship has “gone.”


Two people in love are often conjoined twins, and they like to stick together very much.

Being in love is a good thing, but apart from love in life, you should also have your own social circle.

I have seen it with my own eyes and heard it from others. In some couples who are passionately in love, they can’t wait to introduce each other to each other’s good brothers and best girlfriends.

Then the relatives and friends of both sides will say very politely at the beginning that their choice is right, because the chosen person has many shining points.

But with the further improvement of the relationship, the group of relatives and friends began to expose the shortcomings they knew about each other one by one.

At first, maybe the couple will laugh and feel very funny.

But once one party fits into his group of relatives and friends, he will tell some insignificant jokes;

Then there is bound to be a crack in this relationship, and finally, unconsciously, it will explode.

Whether you have been together for a month, a year, or ten years, remember to appreciate and praise each other.

Let the other person feel that your love is real.

Then the two parties use the right time to do some common things to make the other party feel that they need each other.

Don’t think that you are an Iron Man, invincible, and let the other party feel that you are not needed.

Love is actually like a dandelion. When the wind comes, you should swing it to your heart’s content, let your little umbrella be exposed in the field of vision of nature, and go with the wind.

On the way, remember to keep close to Feng’s ear and tell him softly: “I love you, thank you for taking me to run”.

When the wind stops, don’t be depressed, you must tell him: “My dear, you are the most special existence, and loving you is the most correct decision I have ever made.”

After all, love needs honey to water it.

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